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22 03 2012
22 03 2012
22 03 2012
24 03 2012
25 03 2012
21 07 2012
Savanna De Stefano

Thrive has been such a blessing to me! Without it, I would be in such a different place. The people in this youth group are like family to me. My relationship with Christ has really blossomed after fulling becoming invested in my faith, and Thrive. I love these guys to death.
I know, that Thrive will everywhere God, has not big but HUGE plans for this Family.
I’m so blessed to be apart of this. (:

12 09 2012
nick guyon

Sitting in school and going to check out the Thrive website, I have to say again that I’m so grateful for being a part of this group and I can’t wait for this fridays service! God is Good all the time =)

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